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Goldmasters Offers... Privacy, Reliability, Security and Ease
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Selling to Goldmasters Precious Metals is as simple as...

1. Deciding what items you wish to sell...
2. Then
clicking on the 
add to basket image to the left of the listed item(s)... 
3. D
eciding what quantity you want to sell...
4. Provide your name, mailing address and e-mail address so as we know who and where
    to send your payment...
We get back to you A.S.A.P. confirming the price, assigning
    your trade a confirmation number and giving you detailed shipping instructions.
5. Next... You are given the option to accept
If everything is satisfactory click on the link provided below
If you do not wish to accept - do nothing and your trade will simply expire
6. Next...
We require your sending us shipping information before 6:00 P.M. New York time
 within the same trading day letting us know the USPS Insured or registered
 mail number(s) / tracking numbers etc. from the package(s) you have sent us
 failure to provide this information in the time allotted may cause your trade
 to be paid based on our market spreads for the day we receive the shipment. (Goldmasters choice)

Regarding non compliance, default, renege, or order cancellation for any reason:
If you have not shipped within 10 business days after you have been confirmed by Goldmasters, and you have ACCEPTED the terms of the agreement, your order will be automatically canceled and a 5% charge will be billed to you calculated on the total amount of your sale to Goldmasters, 
plus the difference in the market value if any, calculated on market close for the 10th business day from the confirmation cancellation date.
Note: It is always best to ship to Goldmasters immediately to ensure that we can honor your confirmed price and process your payment in a timely manner.

Goldmasters makes payment in full the very day the goods are received * Guaranteed * 
Note: Melted items, crude bars, blobs, placer, small pieces, sweeps etc. may be subject to as much as a ten day delay. 

Shipping Instructions:

Ship To:

Goldmasters Precious Metals (GPM)
3710 6th Avenue,  Tacoma, WA 98406

  1. Securely wrap the package(s).  If in tubes,  tape the tops (uncirculated coins) to prevent damage in transit.

  2. Include a copy of the confirmation slip inside the package.

  3. We recommend sending the package(s) U. S. Registered Mail (Be sure to check the with postal insurance box) each package can be fully insured up to $25,000.00, of course you may ship the package anyway you wish this is your choice (No personal deliveries).
    Tip: The United States Post office provides a flat rate shipping box and service - you can register and insure up to 70 pounds valued up to $25,000 for approximately $35.00 or less per package (check with your post office).  
    UPS, Fedex, DHL etc. may not pay claims in full for coins or precious metals.
    Note: Personal deliveries will be considered retail transactions and will be reconfirmed at retail rates at the time of arrival (Goldmasters choice).

Note: Attempting to sell by telephone requires an e-mail request by you stating what you have,  the quantity
    you wish to sell, and the price, leaving the amount you will receive in question until you have followed this step.

Orders are assigned trade numbers and cannot be combined

Goldmasters can accept additional requests for a confirmation
  after all prior confirmations have expired and 48 hours has lapsed.
If more than one request for a confirmation is made in a 48 hour period
your trade may be reconfirmed based on the market value at the time of receipt.  

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